West Kent District Association

For further information on the West Kent DA feel free to contact our Chairman
Tony Topley
30 Wells Road
Tel: 07827 537337

Message from the Acting Chairman

Dear Members

As those of you who attended our AGM in February are aware, we were unfortunately, unable to form a constitutional Committee. As a result of this, we are now in the position where we need to convene an EGM, with the sole item on the agenda of forming a Committee.

At the AGM, potential dates for an EGM were discussed, and it was agreed that it would be held over the weekend of 16-17th May 2015.

The outgoing Committee conscientiously, and generously, agreed to stay in post until that date, so that early season activities may continue.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances that were not foreseen at the time, we are not now able to fulfil the date agreed.

I can now confirm that a new date has been set for the EGM, which will be held on Sunday 5th July 2015 at The Riverside Rooms, The Angel Centre, Angel Lane, Tonbridge, Kent TN10 3TB starting at 4 pm. The formal notice will be published in the June edition of the Camping & Caravanning Magazine, and I would like to thank the Honourable South Eastern Regional Secretary, Jill George, for her unstinting efforts to ensure that this has been made possible.

Let us not beat about the bush here. Unless the West Kent DA is able to form a constitutional Committee of at least 6 members on the 5th July, it will cease to exist with immediate effect, and all assets will be absorbed into the Club.

In other words we can kiss goodbye to over 80 years of history!.

Now, I know that this DA means a lot, to a lot of people. I am also fully aware that the vast majority of members now camping have done their bit over the years, and I thank them immensely for their efforts. Most of which were done before I even started camping with the DA. I am also aware however, that there are a lot of other members out there, that are happy to sit there week after week and let someone else take the strain.

It is mainly those members to whom I am making this plea.

We now need you to step up to the plate, or the DA will not be here this time next year.

Whilst on the subject of stepping up to the plate, we desperately need stewards, for without them, NOBODY camps! It is as easy as that.

We have already had to cancel two meets this year, due to the lack of stewards, Henhurst Farm & Hadlow College.

We do have stewards for our next few meets, the THS at Hole Park over the late spring bank holiday, Bridge Farm, Appledore 11-15th June and Overshore, Upchurch 25-29th June. But beyond that, we have no stewards scheduled.

Records show that the inaugural meeting of the West Kent DA took place in Meopham on 31 January 1932, this is a heartfelt plea to all members out there.

Inaugural Meeting
Please let us not show that the final meeting was held in Tonbridge on 5th July 2015.

Kindest regards, and I sincerely hope that we will meet in a field again soon.

Tony Topley

Camping and Caravanning Club

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