West Kent District Association

For further information on the West Kent DA feel free to contact our Chairman
Tony Topley
30 Wells Road
Tel: 07827 537337

Message from the Chairman

Dear Members

Firstly, on behalf of the Committee, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year.

I sincerely hope that this year will be happy, and everyone enjoys their camping. I do have concerns however. As we approach our AGM on 7th February, I have to report that no less than two thirds of the Committee are standing down.

Two of the Committee, Ray and myself, have made it clear over the last couple of years that we would be standing down this year, so this should come as no surprise. It does mean though, that unless we can encourage at least 4 new members, to join the Committee, the West Kent District Association, is in real danger of folding.

Our constitution states that we must have a Committee of at least six for the DA to run.

We all enjoy our camping, and for the last six years I have made a special point of thanking all of our stewards, and Committee members for their efforts. But this dedicated band of people cannot be expected to continue forever, without support. I am appealing therefore, for other members to step up to the plate, and contribute to the running of the DA.

It is essential that we elect a Committee of at least six at our AGM, if we fail, we will have to call an EGM, at which there will only be one item on the agenda, either a Committee is formed, or the DA closes, as simple as that.

We all love our camping, if we didn’t, we would not be out there week after week. I am asking therefore, that you all give some consideration in helping to keep the DA going, by volunteering to serve on the Committee.

I am sure that there are enough dedicated members out there, that, like me, would hate to see the West Kents close after all of these years.

Kindest regards
Tony Topley
West Kent District Association
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